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Working out and functional movement are not necessarily the same thing. Our bodies need to move functionally in order to do every day activities. I belief that movement heals from deep within and deepens your awareness so that you can be fully present as you go about your everyday life. Our bodies are incredible! And our bodies deserve to be treated as such!


Explore and discover a movement method that suit your body, your energy levels and that you will enjoy and look forward to.

Our private sessions integrate balanced, efficient and safe routines inspired by low impact highly functional bodyweight methods (Barre, Yoga and Pilates) tailored to your own personal goals and needs! 


What can you expect from a movement program with me?

Increase flexibility,

Gain more energy,

Improved posture and reduced back pain,

Gain a deep understanding of body mechanics to move efficiently and safely,

Gain confidence, body awareness and feel stronger everyday!